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Phu Quoc island is still undeveloped for the time being and even during the high session there are still plenty of remote and empty beaches.
You're in Vietnam so what could be more fun than exploring the local Duong Dong Market early in the morning.
May not sound too adventurous, though when was the last time you've been squid fishing at night? There's plenty of tours on offer, so head out for an evening of squid fishing and if you're lucky you'll have your own self caught dinner grilled on the spot.

Still new to Phu Quoc, though starting to appear are the usual variety of water sports including jet skiing, kayaking and wind sailing, with just a matter of time before water skiing takes off given the calm waters around the island during the high season.
There are a couple of basic walking tracks in the national park, however if you're thinking of attempting any walk on your own through the thick jungle, please make sure you're very prepared (tell someone where you're going, take water, food etc).
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