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Tranh stream
The name brings tourists general feelings about its beauty. It is a work of nature for leisure tourists- a flawless painting of nature. Tranh stream means the stream with its painting-like beauty explaining the origination of the place-name.
Some people with another explanation

believe that the stream which originated at one height squeezed through extensive thatch fields before falling down and forming the stream named Tranh.

In fact, this beautiful stream springs from the Ham Ninh range going along ravines and edges their way through green grass carpets, then join the main current to form a  large stream with the length of 15km.

The stream is surrounded with green trees, grass and fragrant flowers. The limpid and gentle current flows through nooks and crannies, then through large rocks forming falls and lakes.

The fragrance of the forest by wind mingles with this of orchid faintly and sweetly. Tourists, so, don’t feel small in front of the majesty and profundity of the forest.

On stone steps, tourists can fish while enjoying seeing the waterfall or wallowing in the clean and cool water. What a life!

Then, tourists will discover the bat cave over 300m high and 60m deep with great stalactite. Here is the harmonious combination of Ha Tien grotto and Ngu Hanh Son Da Nang.
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