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The fishing village Ham Ninh
Ham Ninh commune is located on the east of the island.  Mountains and forests are at the back and the immense sea at the front. People live by Ham channel. Houses here remain primitive features with cottage roofs and bamboo wattles. The community life relies on pearl diving, catching holothurians  and netting crabs. Formerly, people came here to do fishing and then formed this village. Ham Ninh is a safe and sound wharf for boats. Sail junks and wooden barges from the land moor here to load goods and seafoods to transfer to other places. The sea is still shallow several hundreds of meters far from Ham Ninh wharf.
At low tide,  the beach stretches out infinitely. Conversely, the water overflows the  beach to the forest edge at high tide. Tourists can see islands appear at a distance within the archipelago Hai Tac (Ha Tien) from Ham Ninh beach. Slanting to the southeast, Nghe islet slightly appears on the dark blue water. To the south, it is Mr Doi cape – the last cape of the island. Coming at Ham Ninh in the morning or on moonlighted nights, tourists can entirely enjoy the beauty of the sea. The scene of sunset over the sea is also great. It is a must for tourists to try boiled crabs here. The crab is its specialty and can almost be found anytime. Crabs boiled which has just been caught from the sea, has fresh red color and firm meat. They are very delicious when eaten with salt mixed with pepper and lemon juice.

Leaving Ham Ninh, tourists should bring several tens of crabs home to enjoy with friends.
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